Vinetas Geidas exhibition “Mandalas”

Place Ungurmuiža,


20.05.2022 - 30.06.2022

Vineta Geida: “I can say that I have found myself in painting. This profession came into my life almost 20 years ago. And captivated me. It’s not a job, but a matter of the heart. Over the years, so much beauty has been created in both private and public facilities. A few years have passed in the restoration. A wonderful experience to be a part of this rebuilding process. At the moment, life allows me to experience the world of cinema as a filmmaker.About three years ago I became fascinated with drawing mandalas. I immediately felt it as my own way of expressing myself. Drawing mandalas is so unpredictable. Start with a point in the center and never know what it will be like when you’re done. Each work has a special purpose, which usually comes through meditation. The feeling of a strong energy exchange through my mandalas. Mandalas are one of the most beautiful tools I use to experience myself.
This is my first exhibition, so it is a particularly big event in my life. A quiet stand told me in front of me that people needed to see with their own eyes, because they could not portray their true beauty through photography. So at an incredible rate, all the conditions came together so that everything happens and my exhibition is done.
I use acrylic paints in my work. Usually the hand stretches in bright colors. I really like to use gold and silver leaves. These are great materials where light can play its games. And, of course, Swarovski crystals, they give mandalas a special mood, variability and brilliance.”