Art Days in Cēsis

Place Cesis City, streets and squares


22.04.2022 - 12.06.2022

In the spring, the traditional Art Days will start in Cēsis from the middle of April and will continue until the middle of May.

Art days in Latvia have been taking place since 1959 and have experienced various forms of expression, from large-scale events, street parades, open days in artists’ workshops to traditional exhibitions.

Several exhibitions will be on display in Cēsis at the Cēsis Museum of History and Art, the Cēsis Exhibition House, the World Latvian Art Center, the Cēsis Concert Hall Art Gallery and the Cēsis Cultural Association “Harmonija”. In total, there will be an opportunity to visit more than 10 exhibitions during the “Art Days 2022”.

Cesis History and Art Museum (Pils laukums 9)

  • Exhibition “The Charm of the Blue and White World. English decayed faience in Latvian museums and private collections. (18th – 21st century) ”
  • Exhibition “New Acquisitions in the Collection of Cesis History and Art Museum 2017-2021”

Cesis Exhibition House (Pils laukums 3)

  • 22.04.-12.06. Exhibition of Imants Vecozols’ paintings “With a different view”
  • 22.04.-12.06. Marta Gibiete’s glass art exhibition “Traveler and Garden”
  • From 22.04. “For the artist Augustus Jullam – 150” – A selection of A.Julla’s works of art from the collection of the Cesis History and Art Museum

World Latvian Art Center (Lielā Skolas iela 6)

  • March 25-May 22 Alexander Karpov’s (1953-1994) graphic art exhibition “Art as a Weapon”
  • 23.04.-10.07. Exhibition of paintings by American Latvian artist Vilnis Strazdins “Peaceful Landscapes”
  • From 28.05. Exhibition “Ojārs & Silvija – Abstract Expressionism in Chicago”

Art Gallery Concert Hall “Cēsis” (Raunas iela 12)

  • 16.04. – 12.06. Solo exhibition “Landscape Code” by painter Vija Zariņa

Cēsis Cultural Association “Harmonija” (Rīgas iela 7)

  • 15.04.-15.05. Joint exhibition of leisure artists – painters Ināra Brence, Jelena Jekimova, Astrida Mājeniece, Ligita Mazīte, Ieva Šūmane, Leona Stara, Ģirts Verners
  • 15.04 -05.06. Exhibition of dolls and toys by playwright and director Baiba Jukņēviča