Empātijas darbnīca “Apstāties. Izteikties. Klausīties. Svinēt” (angļu valodā)

Vieta Mākslas telpa Mala, Lenču iela 11, Cēsis





Get introduced to the keys of empathy. Experience it. Practice in supportive conversations. Embrace the theme of the session by celebrating what made your day, your week, your year!
At this workshop, we will briefly introduce Nonviolent Communication then dive into group discussions and guided practices in small groups. We are two facilitators with the intention to create a safe space for sharing and learning in a relaxed atmosphere.
For this first workshop in Cesis, we wish to put the accent on celebration by expressing our gratitude for little and big things of daily life.
To start with, I celebrate the openness of Mala café for welcoming Empathy Tank!
You, if you are curious, come along!
We welcome individuals eager to connect with others or understand one-self.
We welcome pairs and groups of friends who wish to have a cozy evening with learning benefits.
We welcome the one who is not so sure, the one who wants to listen without engaging and the buddy who just want to have a drink.
By experience, we end up often as a group of 10-12 persons, diverse in age and background, always exactly the good mixture for a rich and intense time.
There is no pre-requirement related to Nonviolent communication and empathy.
Please register by writing to Empathy Tank Baltic on facebook or email empathytank.baltic@gmail.com
It is also ok to join spontaneously but it would be much easier for us to organise if we have a notice 3 days before.
Workshop contribution is 5 euros. Money should not be a constraint to attend therefore we put in place 3 free seats. Please apply by writing to us briefly if you wish to benefit from it.
The session is happening in English with support translation in Latvian and Russian.
Come as you are 🙂 ! No preparation, no material needed.
Nonviolent communication, NVC or the giraffe language has been developed by the American psychologist and conflict resolver Marshall B. Rosenberg over a period of 40 years. NVC is a form of communication and behaviour that creates deep contact and understanding between people, beyond background, gender, age, nationality or religion.
NVC is recognised worldwide as a tool in conflict management and dialogue-promoting communication, whether in conflict areas, in prisons, between groupings and gangs, in workplaces, in relationships or other types of human relations.
With non-violent communication (NVC), we seek to acquire healthy values based on honesty and empathy. We can stand up for ourselves while we care for the other, and we learn to listen and talk with more empathy and clarity.
Read more about this form of communication at www.cnvc.org
or on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7TONauJGfc