Medieval Day in the Cesis Castle

Place Cesis Castle Complex, Pils laukums 9, Cēsis




10:00 - 18:00


4,00EUR - 12,00EUR


The Medieval Days of the Cēsis castle are the richest event in the traditions and innovations of the living history in Latvia which offers the opportunity to travel in time and discover how life has been amazing in the Middle Ages.  During the Medieval Days of the Cēsis castle, the centuries-old history can not  only be viewed with your own eyes but can also be touched, smelled, and tasted. Each year, people of the Cēsis castle invite you to explore new aspects of the ancient centuries. This year, when the Cēsis castle is home to previously inexperienced unbridled activities and its walls are surrounded by scaffolds, the Medieval Days will let you know how castles and fortresses have been built since around 500 years ago.