Ungurmuiža – 290

Place Ungurmuiža,


01.07.2022 - 03.07.2022

Panel discussion “Manor. Woman. Personality. ” Opening of Alexei Naumov’s solo exhibition. The small Ungurmuiža Opera Festival – an evening of Italian opera music!

In the July 1st there will be educational afternoon panel discussion about the common heritage of Latvians and German-Baltics, the common past – about manors in Vidzeme, about the model of German-Baltic life, about the culture of manors and aristocracy, about different and common values. The main topic of the seminar – panel discussion will be about women in the life of manors, will tell about the life of manors in Latvia, about the decisions and works of women that have left an important role in the cultural heritage of Latvia. The Cēsis Museum of History and Art has played a special role in preserving the cultural and historical heritage of Ungurmuiza and all of Vidzeme, especially Dace Pukite, a cultural heritage researcher and art historian, who has left an invaluable archive of cultural monuments in the Cesis History and Art Museum.

Later will happen baroque music concert story “Dorothea’s Letters”. The concert will introduce the visitors of the event to a special personality – the Duchess of Courland and Zemgale Dorothea (Anna Charlotte Dorothea von Medema (1761-1821)) – one of the brightest and most outstanding personalities of her time in European political, social and cultural life. Participants in the concert: Baroque soprano Aija Veismane-Garkeviča, Sanita Zariņa (baroque violin), Danuta Ločmele (baroque cello) and Beata Geka (positive). Valmiera Theater actor Ivo Martinsons and Sēļi manor owner Ināra Blūma will look at the letters of eyewitnesses of Duchess Dorothea’s life.

Opening of the exhibition of Alexei Naumov.

In the July 2nd there will be the small Ungurmuiža Opera Festival – an evening of Italian opera music! Sopranoes Dana Bramane and Inga Šļubovska – Kancēviča, tenor Raimonds Bramanis, baritone Rinalds Kandalincevs and piano trio – Svetlana Okuņa (violin), Inga Ozola (cello), Ilze Ozoliņa (piano) will take part in the concert. Event manager – Evita Zālīte. The concert program will feature the most outstanding Italian composers.

In the last day July 3rd there will be the “Historic Garden and Park Days”. This year’s theme is “Manor kitchen gardens”, and Ungurmuiža will also have something to show!