TaDaa! ielu mākslas festivāls

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We are pleased to announce that this year, on August 28, a special edition of the festival will take place in Cēsis in a compact one-day program with participants from the Baltic States. See below for a detailed program. The festival is free of charge and has been financially supported by Cesis municipality and The State Culture Capital Foundation.


DAYTIME PROGRAM // Rožu laukums // PM 13.00-16.00

DUO SCHOKOKABOOM with a visual storytelling “The Fire Water Tale”.


EVENING PROGRAM // Mākslas telpa MALA // PM 19.00-21.00

ANNA KRAZY binds together circus and spoken word in a unique, exceptional way! There’s dance, there’s circus, there’s poetry, there’s dance! Come and see for yourself and you will not regret it!

THE BIG WOLF COMPANY circus “3 sisters”. “Three Sisters” is a site-specific installation-production that talks about the great women of the Nordic countries. Of their tenderness, strength, convictions and fears. The mysteries unfold in reality and disappear between heaven and earth.

FLAAMOS together with the blazing props they create enchanting light shows that are spiced up with pyrotechnical solutions and special effects. Flaamos wishes to bring their audience out of this grey everyday into their magical and warm world.

To enter the festival you need a valid C19 certificate or a negative test + personal ID (that does not apply for kids till 12).



See you in the magic of the street art!




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