concert // The Big Passport

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THE BIG PASSPORT is a stood up music performanZ.
It played it’s first concert in a WG (shared flat) in Berlin some 10 years ago with only 3 songs (one of the most legendary parties Berlin has ever seen or heard of).
Since then, broke up, got stood up some more times, did concerts anywhere they gave them a plug, grew into a FOR (4) members band, reached louder noises, burned 2 CDs, rehearsed illegally in a garage.
THE BIG PASSPORT plays Hip Hop, RAP, reggae, chillout, hard rock, jazz and has a loto f songs packed with swear words. If you have sensitive ears, we will help you with that.

The event will take place outdoors.
Entrance ticket: 5 euros
The measure complies with the average safety regulation, which means:
– entry with valid Covid-19 certificates or negative test + identity document;
– sitting in personalized seats within 1 household or max 2 people;
– children under 12 can attend the concert without a test, certificate!

Contacts +371 26101945