European Researchers’ Night in Cēsis 2018

Place Science, Art and Gastronomy Centre “Brewery”, Lenču iela 9/11






Free of charge

European Researchers’ Night in Cēsis 2018 will celebrate science’s role in different fields by bringing together numerous organisations that represent various fields, such as environmental protection, architecture, technologies, history, agriculture, gastronomy, arts, education, etc. Through visual and engaging hands-on experiments, workshops, talks, games and competitions, the involved organisations will demonstrate scientific of different areas of business, research and development. The event will also host emerging, experimental and established artists to unite the activities spread out through the Brewery complex and as the culmination of the science celebrating event.

Via the exchange of experience in the form of fun, visual and engaging activities, the Researchers’ Night in Cēsis aims to inspire youngsters, school children and other enthusiasts to build their interest in research and science, develop new ideas and innovations in different fields, thus improving the quality of the shared environment, as well as organisers hope to boost the community of creative industries.